User Experience (UX) Specialist in Leeds, Yorkshire

I'm a UX professional based in Yorkshire, experienced in desigining and building great websites that put the user at the center.

This is my (brief) portfolio.

You can also find me on Twitter, and Medium.


In a nutshell

  • I care about making sites that make a positive impact

    To science, research, education, or access to the arts.

  • I've worked on sites that receive millions of hits and win awards

  • I care about doing the right thing - the experience comes first

    I design services that fulfil a user need, are accessible, intuitive, fast, and make life easier for people.

    I consider all aspects of a service important, not just the way it looks. This site is fully accessible, and loads in under 1.5 seconds on a poor 3G network.

  • Big nerd

  • Particular experience working in Academic / Educational / Scientific contexts

  • Experience working with, and for major and prestigious organisations

  • MSc in Informatics (distinction)

    Informatics is the science of the design of information systems. Including design, human-computer-interaction, the law, ethics, psychology and more.

  • An evidence-based approach

    I use quantitative and qualitative research methods (site stats; user interviews; surveys; workshops, etc) to formulate and test ideas, so we can make informed decisions.




Leeds Art Map

A personal project. Providing an open platform for discovering and accesing art in Leeds.

This is currently in development - follow @leedsartmap on twitter for updates.

My role:

  • UX lead
  • Design
  • Development
  • Data wrangler
  • Business management

I work 9-to-5 as UX specialist for Jisc, an organisation that leads thought and innovation on digital in education and Research.

I provide UX leadership on projects related to Open Science (Open Access pubishing and Research Data)

Projects at Jisc:

Research Data Shared Service

A major R&D project at Jisc. We are developing a national service to allow data (e.g. academic research data, medical data, 'big' data, institutional data) to be captured, shared, and preserved. This is part of an ongoing global movement for open science, and maximising the impact and validity of research.

The project is national in scale, and involves working with partners, specialists, and vendors from organisations and prestigious institutions the world.

My role:

  • Jisc UX lead

The world's largest search engine for open access research articles.

In collaboration with the Open University and the Knowledge Media Institute, we are designing and implementing a new version of this fantastic service, with a focus on improved user experience and improved features.

My role:

  • UX lead
  • Visual design
  • Interaction design
  • Content strategy

Monitor Local, Publications Router, Monitor UK, Sherpa, and other Open Access services at Jisc

These are services for Scholarly Communications (think: academic publishing) within universities, and support the move towards Open Science.

Each is at a different level of maturity, and vary greatly in nature, from web platforms (Sherpa), administrative systems (Monitor Local) backend 'middleware' services (Publications router), to data visualisation (Monitor UK). This is a diverse set of services, with distinct objectives and challenges.

For each service my role is to offer UX leadership; to bring user-centered thinking to the design process, to make the services more valuable and usable for the userbase.

At a strategic level I provide UX leadership to this department at Jisc - helping the organisation to structure and communicate our complex offer to the marketplace, by providing web/design expertise, strategy, and governance.

I have worked with each of these services from alpha stage through to service delivery.

My role variously includes:

  • UX lead
  • Interface design
  • Interaction design
  • User testing & research
  • Web design
  • Content strategy
  • Web governance


Leeds Beckett University

From 2012 - 2014 I developed and maintaned websites for the university, including the primary site ( and dozens of affiliated sites. In 2015 the Leeds Beckett website won the Gold HEIST award (an industry award for websites in Higher Education).

I worked here during the change of name of the institution (from Leeds Metropolitan to Leeds Beckett University), tackling the challenge of a smooth and thorough transition between names across dozens of sites, thousands of assets, for hundreds of thousands of users.

From 2014 - 2015 I worked on learning systems. Rather than websites, these are the systems that learners and instructors use for education, such as the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). In 2015 the VLE was ranked NÂș 1 in the world.

I did:

  • Development
  • UX advice
  • Design

Ancient history

Since around 2008 I've worked variously in and around creative and educational technology.

I did a variety of design, visual identity, and web development work for organisations like Leeds City Council, the Henry Moore Institute, a record label, and a rapper, obviously.

From 2011 I was based in an Apple Regional Training Center, acting as an edtech specialist, advising schools across Manchester on the adoption of learning platforms and technologies. By fluke of timing rather than design, I was in the position of being a key champion and sector advisor on the adoption and technical/pedagogical integration of VLE and iPads within schools around Manchester, setting me off into the world of edtech.

My role:

  • Well,
  • quite varied...
  • you can imagine.
  • IT strategy
  • Learning design
  • Visual design
  • Web development
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